Dual SATA Raid Drive


Applied Materials SCSI Drive / Dual SATA & RAID

STS is now offering a Dual SATA drive with RAID disk mirroring and SCSI interface as a replacement for legacy Applied Materials® semiconductor equipment obsolete hard drives.  An overview of our product follows. Email engineering@semits.com for more information.

Product Description

Host Interfaces

  • IDE interface
  • SCSI interface
  • SATA interface

Disk Interface

  • 2.5” SATA disk interfaces x 2

RAID Functions & features

  • Hardware-accelerated RAID 1 (disk mirroring)
  • High-speed SRAM for data cache
  • Automatic online fast disk data rebuilding
  • Automatic disk failure detection 
  • Online bad sector recovery and reallocation
  • Hot swappable hard disks
  • Disk capacity simulation
  • Can fit FLOPPY & 5.25″ CD-ROM


  • Driverless: Do not need to install any driver on host side (tool)
  • LED indicators for disk status
  • Audible alarm for event alert
  • FRAM for protect disk