STS can provide equipment refurbishment services for Applied Materials® P5000, Centura® 5200 and Endura® 5500 platforms.  We can provide donor equipment or utilize existing tools. Our engineering team will refurbish and reconfigure to meet your manufacturing requirements.  STS takes pride in delivering quality equipment to our customers within budget and on time.  A general overview of our refurbishing process follows:

  • Detailed Teardown
  • Repair and/or replacement of sub-components
  • Refurbishment and re-calibration of key mechanisms, including but not limited to RF Power Supplies, RF Matches, MFCs, Transducers, Throttle Valves and Turbo Pumps
  • Professional cleaning and re-coating of metal parts including chamber anodization
  • System re-assembly
  • Final test and debug
  • Source Inspection
  • Field Installation & Startup


STS has a well established robot refurbishment program for Applied Materials® P5000 systems.  Our process includes 100% disassembly, professional cleaning of all components, replacement of motors, encoders, cables, dynamic seals, o-rings, cap sensor harness and vacuum feed-through.  After assembly, we vacuum qualify and cycle test our refurbished robots in our Applied Materials® P5000 test system.  Every robot includes a detailed quality assurance report.


STS refurbishes Applied Materials® AMAT0 and AMAT1 heat exchangers.  This service includes powder coating of frame, pump rebuild, hose replacement, quick disconnect replacement, replacement of all gaskets and seals, sacrificial anode replacement, resistivity sensor replacement, filter replacement and installation of recharged DI resin tank.  Each heat exchanger receives a complete electrical, pump pressure and flow test. We also sell replacement parts for these units, including DI resistivity sensors.  Our service groups also provides refurbishment and repair on Neslab chillers.